Transparency Report

Since we started doing JSHeroes in 2017, our goal was to open source our way of doing events, from the processes behind speaker selection, to the budges and costs associated with each event.

We strongly believe that open model is the best environment for learning, so we’re publishing all the data about this conference, in full transparency, to make it easier for other communities to build on our knowledge and organize even better events.

Until 2024, we published blog posts before and after each event, with the budget planning and the expenses report. But we decided to build this page to make it easier to visualize things over the years.

All figures below are in euros(€). Different contexts over the years mean the amounts can differ significantly. For example, the first edition in 2017 had around 350 attendees, while the 2019 one had close to 700. Also as an anomaly, the 2022 edition was a single day event, so costs are roughly half of what they'd normally been for a 2 days event.

Budget & Expenses over time

First, have a look at how our budget and expenses evolved over the years.

* We are not counting the cancelled 2020 edition.
** The 2022 edition was a single day event, hence the smaller budget and costs.

Income & Expenses Breakdown

In this section you can see a breakdown of our income and expenses for each event.
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Giving back

Each event so far had good budget planning, and we managed our expenses so that we are left with a money supply that helps us kick-start the next edition. We were fortunate to have this reserve in 2020 when that year's edition was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Starting from 2022, we pay each speaker a €500 fee. This does not appear in our budget as it is paid from this reserve at the end of each edition. Some of the speakers do not accept a fee, so we donate the money to different initiatives:

If you have other questions related to our budget planning or expenses, please reach out over email, we'd be happy to help.