Space with stars and rockets

The biggest dev community event in Romania

May 29-30th 2025

in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ecma, JSHeroes mascot wearing a space suit

Sponsors welcome!

What started as a small idea from the local JavaScript community, evolved into one of the biggest community-organized events in Europe.

600 attendees 25% international audience
19 speakers 16 countries / 5 continents
2 days 16 hours of quality content
2.8K community members on our group
6K followers across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
3.2K subscribers on our YouTube channel

Why should you sponsor us?

Exposure to a dedicated community

Community events get the best out of people that want to share ideas, network or find new opportunities. You can expect a balanced mix of seasoned professionals and fast growing beginners to come in contact with your company.

Brand association

Over the past 7 years, JSHeroes has grown into one of the most recognizable brands in the JavaScript community in Romania and beyond. Your company will benefit from being showcased on our visuals and video recordings.

Join our mission

We strongly believe that JavaScript is the future. Therefore, our mission is to grow together with the local community. Through JSHeroes, we aim to keep everyone in sync with the latest advancements and trends in the world of JavaScript and web development.

Non-profit and transparent

We embraced the open source model from the beginning. All the details about the event are public and our budget and expenses are published after each event on our transparency page.

What you get

We have created a single sponsoring package of 3000€ that gives you the following benefits.

Two mentions on each of our social media pages:

  • one individual spotlight with a customized message announcing the partnership
  • one post with all sponsors, right before the event

Your logo will be added:

  • on the website
  • on the final newsletter email we send to all attendees
  • on each conference badge
  • on the main event room screen, during all coffee and lunch breaks
  • on all video recordings published after the event

You get a 10% discount on all ticket types for the event.

Your company roll-up will be in the main room during the event.

You can send us branded giveaways that will be placed in the sponsors area.


Alexandra Retegan +4 0756 403 372

Let's write the next chapter together!

JSHeroes 2023

If there is one conference that you already should put on your shortlist for (the) next year(s), JSHeroes is the one.

From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, the line-up every year is a true reflection of the Web community's diversity and innovation. The above-and-beyond hospitality of the organization, the diverse range of international attendees, and the focus on inclusiveness, makes JSHeroes Conference one of the top conferences in Europe.

Maarten van Hoof Devops Engineer Frontend @ Essent
People just start talking about their pains in the code business. It's amazing! It feels like a group therapy, in a way. And this is something you cannot replace when doing online events.
Natalia Tepluhina Principal Engineer @ Gitlab
JSHeroes 2023 JSHeroes 2023 JSHeroes 2023 JSHeroes 2023 JSHeroes 2023 JSHeroes 2023