Open-Source Community Event

18-20 April 2018, Cluj Napoca, Romania


  • Date and venue: Join us on 18-20 April 2018 in Cluj Napoca, Romania at Grand Hotel Italia for 1 day of workshops and 2 days of conference. Feel free to send us your suggestions over Twitter, we’d be happy to hear from you.
  • Speakers: Call for Speakers for 2018 is now open! Register your Talk ideas and we’ll get back to you soon!
  • Sponsors: Our Call for Sponsors is always open. Send us an email if you’re interested to join our mission in 2018, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Wanted: Passionate community members: Join the JSHeroes organizing crew! Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to contribute with.

Our First Heroes

The speakers that joined our mission are experts recognized by global communities. They are people who define our working environment every day. Most of them are for the first time in Romania and they’re really looking forward to our community event!

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Mark Dalgleish
DesignOps Lead
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Sarah Drasner
Senior Developer Advocate
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Monica Dinculescu
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Gautam Arora
Engineering Director
Condé Nast
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Brent Vatne
Software Developer
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Sébastien Chopin
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Liran Tal
Engineering Manager
Nielsen Marketing Cloud
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Mathias Bynens
V8 Engineer
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Ives van Hoorne
Software Developer
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Nir Kaufman
Principal frontend consultant

Conference Schedule

Coming soon

Our Mission

We believe that the community model is the best environment for learning, so part of our mission is to inspire and help other communities. We’ll publish all data about this conference, in full transparency. This way, whenever the next javascripters want to take over this event, they can build on our knowledge and the event’s brand.

Our vision is for a connected global community, and for this we’ve designed the event to be JSHeroes, a series of Open-Source Community Events by JavaScript Communities worldwide.

Our Sponsors

If you wish to participate as a sponsor to our event contact us

These are the companies that joined our mission:

  • Evozon
  • Fortech

and Partners

Who give us a helping hand for our mission to go smoothly:

  • Egghead
  • CodeCamp

We Communities

These JavaScript communities support us by offering their advice, promoting the event, participating in the Call for Speakers, fundraising and by having a natural collaborative approach.

  • timJS
  • NY JavaScript
  • Bucharest JS
  • OradeaJS


Venue: Grand Hotel Italia

Trifoiului Street number 3, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Trifoiului Street number 3, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Grand Hotel Italia

The Map Pin

Do you want to organize a JSHeroes event? Drop us a line at

JSHeroes is made with by the community, for the community. Everyone is welcome, please treat each other with respect and empathy.