JSHeroes Media Kit

About JSHeroes

JSHeroes is a yearly event organised by the local JavaScript community in Cluj, Romania. Our journey started in 2017 with a plan: for JSHeroes to be the biggest tech conference in Romania, dedicated solely to JavaScript. This year, 2024 (our 6th edition) we will get our engine going with 19 international JS experts and we have chosen a venue that can accommodate up to 600 attendees. Join us on May the 23rd and 24th, 2024, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

JSHeroes is a non-profit community-organised conference. Our goal is to bring together JS and Web/Frontend development enthusiasts from all over the world for a two-day event with: great talks, amazing networking and tons of fun. You bring your ideas and desire to learn, we provide the relaxed atmosphere and the good vibes.

We believe that the community and the open-source models are well suited for our core values: learning, teaching and knowledge sharing. Our mission is to inspire other communities with the concept of open-source events.

We are publishing all data about this conference, in full transparency. We are also available at any time for inquires and we are really looking forward to sharing our knowledge about organising international events. This way, whenever a community wants to start something similar, they can build on our knowledge.

Logos & Brand

When using the JSHeroes brand:

  • Please don't edit or recolor the logo.
  • The JSHeroes logo likes a little elbow room, so don't place copy or graphic element in close proximity.
  • Please don't use our name or logo in ways that may be misleading or suggest endorsement by JSHeroes of your product or service.
  • JSHeroes reserves the right to terminate or modify any use of the logo.

On white backgrounds, use the blue-black JSHeroes logo which is our primary brand mark.


On coloured or photo backgrounds, use the blue-white JSHeroes logo.

Dodger Blue #0098FF R0 G152 B255 C1 M0.40 Y0 K0
Black Pearl #001C2B R0 G28 B43 C1 M0.35 Y0 K0.83

Colors: RGB for web, CMYK for print


Mr. and Ms. Ecma the bears are the brand mascots of JSHeroes.

Ecma, JSHeroes mascot wearing a space suit and waving Ecma, JSHeroes Mr. bear mascot Ecma, JSHeroes Mrs. bear mascot

Brand colors

Our Primary Brand Colors include all the following colors found in our logo. Similarly, the Secondary Colors, although not included in our logo support and go very nicely with the Primary Brand Colors.

We request you to use the exact colors so as to maintain consistency in brand representation.

Dodger Blue #0098FF R0 G152 B255 C1 M0.40 Y0 K0
Black Pearl #001C2B R0 G28 B43 C1 M0.35 Y0 K0.83
Pure White #FFFFFF R255 G255 B255 C0 M0 Y0 K0

Primary Colors

Grandis #FFCC67 R255 G204 B103 C0 M0.2 Y0.60 K0
Downy #65D3BB R101 G211 B187 C0.52 M0 Y0.11 K0.17
Wild Watermelon #FF6078 R255 G96 B120 C0 M0.62 Y0.53 K0

Secondary Colors


The font we use on the website and print materials is called 'Ubuntu'. Black, Bold, Medium and Regular are used.